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The children were told to steal up to €300 a day under threat of rape or beatings.It was in jail in Peru where the criminal met Mc Collum, who had been caught trying to smuggle more than (€1.7m) of cocaine from Lima airport in 2013 with her Glaswegian pal Melissa Reid. For years the fine, upstanding residents of both hamlets have fought over which city is better to live in if you're gay. Nowhere in the country but in West Hollywood can you literally walk down one street -- one street -- and not only hear every song from the Britney Spears catalog but have a variety of gay bars, lounges and clubs. Unlike the more uptight homos in New York, the gays of West Hollywood...It's one of life's greatest mysteries, like, "What makes the sky blue? well, they just don't give a crap, and anything goes. never seem to work much at all, and it is one of the only towns that I have ever been to where porn stars and strippers are put on a pedestal.President Mugabe, who is infamous for his homophobic remarks, said: "There are gays in that government. We do not discriminate against anyone." Five years ago President Mugabe described gays as being "worse than dogs and pigs".During a shopping visit to London at the beginning of this month with his wife, Grace, Mr Mugabe was the subject of a "citizen's arrest" by Peter Tatchell's gay group, Outrage! Tony Blair's spokesman, Alastair Campbell, who expects the Prime Minister to "bump into" President Mugabe this weekend at a heads of government conference retreat, said "we don't get too wound up about this"."Javi has a thing for blondes and told inmates she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.They met after she was moved to Ancon II prison in 2014.

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The men, including his father and two brothers, are accused of trafficking children from the Balkans to European tourist hotspots including Paris and Rome.Conservative MP Philip Davies said: ‘This case perfectly shows how the law is an ass.We must be a complete laughing stock.’Then, in 2009, after he was jailed for a street attack, the Home Office ordered that he should be sent to Jamaica.Gay men are notorious for having this unwarranted attitude toward each other and, well, everyone else.If you are looking for hard stares, uncomfortable banter, dirty looks and men saying horrible things about each other because they are so upset with themselves that they need to make everyone around them feel uncomfortable, New York trumps Los Angeles. Who would do our woodworking or carry our children for us?

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