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Do you see any reason why this XML would pass validation with your application, look fine in both IE and Firefox and still give an "XML Error [4]: Parse Error" on the Cisco phone? ext=1 Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. @Dave: Unfortunately, your XML got eaten by the comment reader - I think if you enclose it with open-square-bracket xml close-square-bracket it might take, but who knows. The Cisco phone is parsing your input against a schema.

Validation of a City GML dataset means that one must ensure that it respects the standardised specifications and definitions as given in the OGC City Geography Markup Language (City GML) Encoding Standard (OGC document 12-019).

In 2014-2015, the OGC ran the , whose main goals were to define data quality requirements for a general City GML data specification, to provide recommended implementation guidance for 3D data, and to provide a suite of essential quality checking tools to carry out quality assurance on City GML data. Six aspects of data quality were identified: Tools for XML Schema validation, i.e.

- Mark Note that tags are enclosed in square brackets, not angle brackets.

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curves defined by mathematical functions are allowed, City GML uses a subset of ISO19107, with the following two restrictions: (1) .You can get a copy of the schema from in the IP Phone SDK.You no doubt have valid XML, but it does not conform to the phone's schema.A valid primitive of dimension 3 means that all the lower-dimensional primitives used to represent the primitives are also valid.The following software allows one to validate the primitives of City GML: To verify whether an implementation is ISO 19107 compliant, the QIE has developed different “unit tests”, that is files that contain one 3D primitive with one error.

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