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The bunkers are another feature – many of them are round. Didn’t break 70 on the links at the Scottish Open and The Open, but had eight results of T22 or better in nine starts prior to that on the PGA Tour – quite a level above this competition.

(EDIT:- The Lowdown has been published on the European Tour website and reports the par is 72 and the yardage 7.582.)The week has started with heavy downpours, with obvious consequences given the length of the layout. Only concern might be he had only one win in 30 months, but this might be the perfect opportunity to smash that.

"We started calling him Big Poppa because he was bigger than the bass and all the other goldfish," says Flowers.

He'd slip away from view for days at a time as he rested among the muck in the lake's bottom, a habit of koi.

The tournament has a strong history dating back to 1978, but between 20 it disappeared off the radar.

Having arrived in Hamburg the field will fight for a prize fund of €2million – back to standard money after the riches of the last four weeks.

s August 14, 2017 Mudguaard sets new lobster catch record on the Helen H out of Hyannis, Massachusetts! "Mar-e used to catch one every time we went flounder fishing in the old days." laughed Elmer. Mar-E started us off with a beauty and Elmer followed with some nice ones of his own. Fish on, was the cry and a couple of nice fish came over the side! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx July 27, 2017 Rookies have a great day aboard the Cathy Ann! "Only noticable differents is the front fin is now just .50." xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DUO up to Old Tricks! "We even got a bluefish." "We had a great day, smooth water and plenty of action." said Cindy. " xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx June 30, 2017 Elmer and Mar-e score fluke aboard the Helen H!

Matt, the Director of onboard services, says "As far back as I can remember, no one has ever caught two lobsters on the Helen H! "Mudguaard promised his rig would catch me a ten pounder, but I'm not complaining." laughed Mar-E. " Thanks to the DUO for introducing the Bite Me Bait Co to Brazil! " xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx August 5, 2017 Captain Dave Patry joins Grandson Matt at the rail and it pays off! We threw back some small keepers and three or four rats. "We rotated jiggers with only three of us onboard and we only kept three good fish for the barbecue." said Elmer, filling in as mate. " Billy Bob had a great day and fillets for dinner too! Ken holds his fish proudly, while the Minister of de Fence holds his position! Recent Trips to the Sacred Grounds get their prayers answered! Two Day trip out of Hyannis is just what the doctor ordered!

It is easy to see that the UV Sterilizer tank goes through these stages well ahead of the control tank.

They come in a variety of body shapes and stay relatively small in size. "And he was a favorite - the only fish that had a name." Big Poppa has called Discovery Green home for at least six or seven years (maybe someone set him free in there, or maybe a bird dropped him, Flowers speculates). "I honestly was trying to be as gentle and careful with him as I could.

But earlier this month, the park had to drain the lake to repair a leak. "Slowly, over the course of about two weeks, our operations team netted the fish and put them in their own containers, very carefully," says Ren Mitchell, a marketing manager for the park. But we bought some heavy-duty storage tubs, and they're about 2-and-a-half feet long, and that's about how long he was." But what about weight?

By Carl Strohmeyer-PAMR 35 years experience Updated 6/6/17 This first picture to the left demonstrates the anti-oxidizing abilities of a true level one capable UV Sterilizer utilizing a HO UVC Lamp (note that the majority of lamps sold now are medium pressure UV lamps with 1/4 the UVC output).

Using Potassium Permanganate, which is an oxidizer in both a control tank (left tank) and one utilizing an AAP Compact UV with a HO UVC Lamp (right tank).

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