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Both men and women can be suspicious of people that don't add full-length photos.

They don't all need to be photos of you paragliding in Mexico, but make yourself interesting and you'll get more response. It's no secret that men are more visually stimulated than emotionally stimulated.

And am proud to be able to say years from now, when there are plenty more married couples of all types and shapes and colors and sizes trying to do the right thing with their marriage, that I did the right thing.

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I have never been a huge Susan Sarandon fan (I'm sure it has something to do with the Rocky Horror Picture Show thing) but there's no denying her timeless sex appeal. Yes, Miss Hutton lived the life one would expect a gorgeous woman to live. I don't know if her looks are owed to her cosmetic line or not, but the woman looks fab, and she's definitely still sexy at 60. Think she's just a sweet old lady who won an Oscar for portraying the Queen? A quick google will show you that she has a thing or two in common with Miss Sarandon.

She's always been extremely comfortable with her body (only porn stars have shown their bits onscreen more frequently) and she exudes this inexplicably attractive quality. What's fascinating, is that she's still gorgeous, and still living that life. This woman has done a number of sexy scenes, including one with (much younger) Eric Stolz. Helen Mirren's always been sexy, and men still appear to be quite taken with her.

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