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hi Joey, i see from the release notes of the 4.20130521 release that the Debian package should now be built with libc6 2.13, which appears to be the case except for the amd64 arch (hence the amd64 package won't install as is on Wheezy on amd64) - is this a build glitch or is 2.14 needed on amd64 (i imagine as a dependency of one of git-annex's deps on that arch)? @mey.vn, Debian packages of git-annex, as uploaded to the Debian repositories, are built with whatever libc version the Debian autobuilder is running.You cannot, in general, install packages from Debian unstable into stable without upgrading your libc6.

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new signatures for virus scanners), but no security updates.

i Web currently only offers Debian Lenny as a pre-install option on these servers, but since Lenny is dead as of February 2012 I wanted to start with Squeeze.

I tried the upgrade process from the site linked below first, but my server didn’t reboot properly after the GRUB2 install and I couldn’t even connect to the VNC console of my VM.

This is usually fine because the dom0 and dom U will be running the same distro.

But, when it becomes time to upgrade from, say, Lenny to Squeeze, the dom U will be running a Squeeze userspace and a Lenny kernel.

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