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Audience: Group Wise 5.x, and 6.x Administrators Purpose: Enabling Quick Finder Indexing and Speeding up Quick Finder Indexing I have had occasion to go to a customer site to resolve performance issues on a Group Wise post office.

This guide is based on the Group Wise 6.5 Best Practises Guide and is intended to carry out the promise of being the living document spoken of during the introduction.

In this particular customer's situation, Quick Finder Indexing was enabled, but Quick Finder Indexing was never completing.

The effect was that over time, the post office would run slower and slower, and particularly at peak times, the POA would respond very poorly.

A Forum reader recently asked: "There is a problem with a group mailbox - when the Find function is used, it does not work correctly. If this number is "large" you may need to run Quick Finder with some additional switches.

It does not show any e-mails at all when details are typed into the search - if left blank, it pulls all e-mails." And here's the reply from Danita Zanre ... Here's a Cool Solutions article that might help you with that: you turn on the verbose logging at the POA and do a Quickfinder run, you may find that this user has a gazillion messages that have not been indexed properly (i.e., the number in parentheses after the user database).

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